Merchant Product Line Product Description
Groovv POS

Groovv POS is a powerful, yet easy to use, helping you run your business like never before. Manage transactions, inventory and profitability with business intelligence reporting. Accept all the ways to pay

Groovv mPOS App downloaded from Google Play or iTunes App Store

Access to full online payments suite

Groovv mPOS is an omni-channel, mobile point of sale solution that enables you to accept and manage all types of payments. Our free EMV/NFC mobile reader has a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone for in-person payments. Plus, an easy-to-use online payments portal enables you to email receipts, sync your inventory and run “card not present” transactions.

Groovv Transactions

Groovv Transactions can help you make better business decisions and improve performance when you view and analyze your transaction history. View your funding status, transaction history, and monthly statements.

Groovv Online Payments

Groovv Online Payments includes a suite of secure, web-based solutions that enable you to accept and manage customer payments when an actual payment card is not present for a transaction swipe.

Groovv Payment Plugin

The Groovv Payment Plugin is an integration tool that will help you easily connect payment devices to computers.

Groovv Terminal One

Groovv Terminal One is a payment terminal and payment service all-in-one solution. The terminal enables acceptance of all payment types including NFC, EMV chip cards and magstripe cards, as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. And the innovative self-activation process will have you up and running in minutes.

Groovv Offers

Engaging customers with offers, discounts and loyalty incentives can dramatically increase your business. Groovv Offers makes marketing to your growing customer base easy.

Groovv Insights

Analyze revenue, manage online reputation, market your business effectively, and maintain your website health through this powerful consumer insights and analytics platform.

Groovv Integrated Payments Explore the Groovv Omni-Channel Integrated Payments Suite. Groovv offers a robust set of solutions to help you integrate in-person and card not present payment capabilities into your software. Choose one or multiple APIs to build your solution or select the Groovv Payment Plugin and SDK for fast and easy integration of in-store payments.

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